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Default Re: PPV for Froch v Kessler - Telegraph!!!!

Originally Posted by USA Rob View Post
You only need 130,000 buys for Hearn to take 1mil from the PPV. You think they can get that from regular TV?
You're completely missing the point and, as usual, trying to argue a completely different point that I never mentioned. I never said the fight should be on terrestrial!

The issue is that Hearn NEEDS PPV to stage the fight in the UK, pay Kessler what he deserves (because he'd make that sort of money regardless of who he fights in Denmark) and Froch what he wants (even though he's never made much money at the box office or through PPV in the past).

If the UK was the natural home for the fight, Hearn could have paid Froch his purse from ticket sales and Kessler from Sky's licence fee (and they have paid more than that in the past when it has suited them). But because Froch isn't a big enough ticket seller, PPV is the only way to compensate Kessler and Froch.

Just because it's the only option Eddie now has doesn't mean it's right.
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