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Default Re: Will Ricky Burns duck Adrien Broner if they both win the next fights they have?

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
Thats the sort of BS that you would expect from someone close to Ricky Burns though. "Broner wont come here"

Its a stupid and predictable statement to make, he shouldnt have to come here, he is WBC champ and numero uno. Besides, he is already in the big time, HBO big time, people hatin' but payin', exactly what money team want! So if you are already there at that level, why, just why, would you drop down from that level and that sort of money, and go all the way over to Scotland to fight Ricky Burns? Like I said before, this isnt just any other fighter, this is a money team fighter. Its a different mentality. You should know this Bill.

If Ricky Burns wants the fight, its an obligation he goes over to the US to do it. I cant understand why someone like Ricky Burns wouldnt jump at the chance of that opportunity, we all know the US is where its at. Ricky Burns deserves that stage now.

And if people are saying Broner is a hype job, then what the f*ck is Ricky Burns on here?

And finally, to "Leaf Cutter Ant"....welcome back! How many is that? Number 50 account registered in the month of January! You are on a roll man! Keep it going! (not that you need me to encourage you!)
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