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Default Re: Jack Dempsey vs James Toney @ 190 Catchweight

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
This would go the distance, Dempsey would miss allot looking foolish at times and eat right hands that he could be a sucker for. The pace Dempsey sets is what would make it difficult for Toney and make it close.

Close controversial decision, Toney lands the more accurate punches, Dempsey is busier of the 2 but misses allot

Toney's faster than Dempsey. Dempsey doesn't have a good record against the more skilled fighters he faced
Toneys faster than Dempsey at this weight... cmon give me a break, Dempsey was faster in the Willard footage and that footage was slowed down because it was filmed on a hand crank camera, and it sounds like people are saying Dempseys going to be standing back trying to box him Dempsey will get in close and crowd him and slug, Toney cant defend punches he cant see coming because theyre out of his view
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