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Default Re: Will Ricky Burns duck Adrien Broner if they both win the next fights they have?

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
So thats trolling in your brain?

Oh dear.

Here's me thinking a troll is somebody who creates a million and one accounts to constantly do that stuff and agree with themselves. Because thats how they get their kicks.

Come to think of it........

If your gonna go that far back and quote that, then why dont you quote all the topic stuff I've posted on. Like this thread and loads of others.

It was fine until you turned up.

BTW Dipset, I dont know who that is on my friends, I got that request when I first registered.

For all I know, this could be dipset trolling.

I'm going now, goodnight. God bless.
No, saying **** for a reaction on purpose is trolling.

go back to wwe more your scence, scripted and fake.
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