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Default Re: Jack Dempsey vs James Toney @ 190 Catchweight

Originally Posted by Theron View Post
Toneys faster than Dempsey at this weight... cmon give me a break, Dempsey was faster in the Willard footage and that footage was slowed down because it was filmed on a hand crank camera,
Yes he is easily faster of hand than Dempsey. Let me explain, the jab is the fastest punch to land, followed by other straight punches. Toney throws these fast, Dempsey doesn't even have them in his artilery.

Dempsey typically throws wide punches and his handspeed is not quick, he has trouble landing against other technical boxers because they see it coming, if you watch his other fights

Dempsey just isn't particularly fast, Willard's was a human punchbag, allot of footage back then was sped up not slowed down. Against other better opponents Dempsey did not look so quick. Dempsey's feet are much quicker though but handspeed isn't great by any mean and he's very much overrated in this area, probably from fighting such slow men like Willard and Firpo

Originally Posted by Theron View Post
it sounds like people are saying Dempseys going to be standing back trying to box him Dempsey will get in close and crowd him and slug, Toney cant defend punches he cant see coming because theyre out of his view
Dempsey didn't manage to implement this strategy against Tunney, in the Miske fight he may have lost, in the Meehan fights he lost, against Gibbons who he struggled to land against or against Brennan who landed on him at ease????

To 'crowd him and slug' he has to get into range, in trying to get into range he gets hit in the face by a straight right because he comes into range without a jab and with his hands down while trying to lead with lead left hooks.

When he gets into range he is faced with 1 of the best inside defenses and inside fighters in history.

As for Toney not being able to see what Dempsey is doing, are you actually serious?
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