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Default Re: Cruisers v Heavys

Originally Posted by Boilermaker View Post
Very interesting picks. Particularly since the only heavyweight you have losing a fight is one of the current world champions.

I can see why you might give the heavies such an advantage but you would have to acknowledge that many of those fights could go either way. Looking at the list, i think that the Tarver v Fury fight would be particularlly interesting and telling for what i suggested. Although Tarver is obviously old, which doesnt bode well, his best weight is probably a light heavy weight and his opponent is probably the ultimate modern heavyweight, in that he has side and that body building physique, but not really any sort of above average skills. Due to the age, i think i would agree with you that Tarver would lose, due to his age and recent inactivity but it would have been very, very interesting if they fought straight after the Danny Green fight. I do stilll thing that he would have to start as underdog even then though because it is not proven that he can take the heavyweight punch (not that he cant just that we dont know). It would be ineresting if yet another fighter (following Adamek) failed against Chad Dawson but was successful in going up in weight. I wonder where that would leave Dawson in the scheme of things.
Henandez v Povetkin: Povetkin is on browed time. I'd pretty much take any top 10 heavyweight and top 5 Cruisserweight to beat him. I'd take everyone listed in this thread expect Tarver to beat him.
Tarver v Fury: 1. Furry's a gaint with decent skills 2. Tarver is getting old.
Huck v Solis: Not overly impresed by either, so I went with the bigger guy.
Lebedev v Helenius: Helenlus might be a stiff but he's not horible. I'd like to see Lebedev beat someone who's not on the yesterday's champions tour.
Wlodarczyk v Banks: While I think that emotion had a lot to do with Banks recent win over Mitchel. He's a smart and clever boxer, who was weitten off after he lost to Ademek.
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