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Default Re: Who should Anderson Silva fight next?

Originally Posted by Beouche View Post
You were convinced Sonnen would win. I told you time and time again that he would get obliterated, but would you listen?

I hope you've learned your lesson Chimba

He didn't actually get "obliterated" at all.

He won every second of the first round, taking Anderson down straightaway and doing his usual top-control grinding ****.

Second round Anderson illegally grabbed onto Sonnen's shorts for 20 seconds or so, in order to avoid the takedown. (Who cares, but it's worth nothing that he did it and we've never seen him feel the need to do that before.)

Then Sonnen tried a ridiculous spinning elbow for the first time in his career, fell down and Silva put him out with one shot.

Not an "obliteration" at all. Be honest and admit that at the end of round 1, you were concerned because the rematch had started exactly the same way the previous fight had gone.

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