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Default Re: Jack Dempsey vs James Toney @ 190 Catchweight

Originally Posted by ROACH View Post
Dempsey didn't throw jabs?

You got to be ****in kidding me. His entire offense was predicated on lead straight lefts and lead right hands before he got inside and threw hooks and uppercuts.

And I say straight lefts, because his jab was more like a right hand, but it was quick, effective, and there was no preliminary movement.
Baloney. Dempsey's offense was predicated on coming in with his lands low, looking to throw hooks. Dempsey only occasionally thew jabs. The stuff about his jab being more like a right hand is nonsense.

Toney doesn't have the footspeed to beat Dempsey and he's not going to beat him in the pocket.
Oh yes he is. And Dempsey is vulnerable on the way in. Carpentier rocked him, Toney stops him.

I think you're highly underrating Dempsey, especially in his ability to get to the target. Stationary guys are the easiest targets for Dempsey because Dempsey used his foot speed to set up his straight lefts that he consistantly landed from a distance.

He was like Pacquiao in this regard.
Like Pacquiao, really? Pacquiao throws a straight left from a southpaw stance. Dempsey was a hooker and not a southpaw. Dempsey's foot speed isn't going to be an issue here because he's not going to have to hunt Toney down, nor is he going to be trying to stay away from him. Dempsey bobbed and weaved with his hands low, he's open to getting hit on the way in.
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