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Default Re: Rumour: Amateur boxing losing headgear??

Originally Posted by s**** View Post
Reason they were brought in in the 80s, was [in Britain] to get as far away from Pro Boxing as possible. plus to stop the Ban Boxing Brigade, from putting the 2 Sports together, Amateurs were trying to make there Sport safer. But it appears it hasnt, Headguards lessen impact, and the likelihood of cuts, but not damage to the Brain. They assumed in the 60s looking at Dead, old Boxers that the problem with Brain Damage was the widening of the 2 sides of the Brain, Further Tests showed it happened naturally with Age, so 2 Nuero surgeons I know explained to me. Wearing Headguards makes the Torque longer and lessons awareness, plus you can get Hit more before a K/O. Theres more damage done in Gyms, wearing 16 oz Gloves and Headguards, than in Fights. This they now realise, thats why they are doing away with them.
Ahh, I've never knew this until now. I just thought we wore headgear in order to prevent from getting cuts and headbutting.
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