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Default Re: ATGs who don't look impressive on film.

Jack Johnson, Jack Dempsey, and Max Baer. A lot of times I see these guys favored against a lot of other ATG heavyweights and I just don't see it.

Jack Johnson has never impressed me and sometimes I think I'm watching something completely different than what others saw. He looked downright sloppy many times to me and seemed to be pretty crude considering he's considered as one of the best heavyweight ring technicians.

I can only imagine the criticism guys like Frazier, Lewis, Liston, Holmes, or any heavyweight ATG not named Dempsey, Louis, or Ali would get if they got decked by a middleweight and got up to swing incredibly sloppily and end up falling over from misbalance from throwing the punch.

People always mention how easily he beat his opposition, but honestly I think his opposition was **** poor looking on film, too and I think Dempsey, Louis, Frazier, Marciano, and litterally just about every heavyweight champ post Johnson would have walked all over the oponents too.

Jack Dempsey I find the most impressive out of those who don't really impress me on film. His tenacity is very evident and his quick headmovement coupled with his foot movement is good, but his technique is just down right awful most of the time and he telegraphed many of his punches.

I see many people favoring him over guys like Louis, Liston, Frazier, Marciano, Holmes, Lewis, Tyson, and Klitschko and I just don't see it. He's another where I can only imagine the criticism others aside from Louis, Johnson, Ali and Dempsey would have gotten had they strugged so mightily with a person as unskilled as Firpo.

Max Baer looked the worst out of all of the "great" heavyweight to me. His technique made guys like 70s Foreman and Marcos Maidana look like text book, Joe Louis esque punchers technique wise. He didn't even try to hide his lack of technique and he often reverted to blatant fouling the included strong back hands to get at his oponents.

His raw power in his right hand was evident, but I see him losing to just about every heavyweight champ barring guys like Marvin Hart, Tommy Burns, and Jess Willard.
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