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Default Re: How Tall was Carlos Monzon ?

Originally Posted by Lord Tywin View Post
Seamus thinks he actually stands 7 foot 2.

Monzon was taller than I was back then by a couple of inches and Im 5 foot 11.

I will also say that while I never got to talk with Monzon personally I did get to see him up close and interact with people while he was in Paris for the first fight with Bouttier. He always seemed like a nice guy to me.

He could seem arrogant at times, but nothing out of the ordinary for a famous person. He was kind of quiet. Its always been hard for me to imagine him as the type of guy who would throw his wife off a balcony in a rage.

Then again Ive seen a lot of people who you would never imagine had a dark side only to find out the truth later.
Obviously, I am not as ancient as you, tho I do envy you having occupied the same space as the great man, but most sources place him just a shade under 6 feet.

Did the scent of hot bitches carry on him?
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