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Default Re: Why were many old time boxers so scrawny looking

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
I'll back this.

I'm rather large and rather ripped, thanks to very knowledgeable people around me training me, and this is pretty much what we do. I haven't done a curl in camp in a decade.

And agreed on the arm wrestling. I've armwrestled Johnny Brzenk, him for fun, me for curiosity. That little SOB pulled me so fast my head spinned.
In your defense, Brzenk has dominated armwrestling at the highest level since the mid 80s...he's beaten absolutely huge and musuclar men with relative ease more times than can be counted.

Such as 0:16 of this video:


Edit: don't know why the video is not popping up.

He destroys many a huge men in that video.

One thing I have noticed, though is that there is a very distinct difference in being pure weight lifting strong and having functional fighting strength.

For instance, I'm 5'8, and only 145 lbs. I've only had 2 people clearly establish themselves as being stronger than I was in the ring. The one was about my size, the other bigger.

About a year ago (I was 140lbs at the time) I was sparring a guy who was about 5'7, 170 lbs (solid, very little fat) pretty frequently. He out lifted me pretty clearly a few times in the gym with weights, but when we sparred I established myself as being the stronger of the two of us pretty clearly in the ring. I was able to push him and shove him all around, even when he tried his best not to let it happen.

The first time we sparred I walked him down and he looked to box me the way Cotto did vs Margarito, but I could tell it bothed him that I just kept applying pressure with little respect for his punching power or physical strength.

The second time we sparred, I could tell right from the first bell he was looking to back me up. Having a slightly longer reach, my strategy was to back him up and keep him at the end of my punches, primarily my jab, because he had shorter, more compact punches than me. I am a good infighter too, though which helped a lot of times. He tried to impose his 30lb weight advantage on me by trying to shove me back into the ropes where he would force me to exert more energy to get out. To his dismay, I overpower him and ended up walking him back into a corner and forced him to work harder than me. I found it interesting though, knowing that he would likely destroy me in armwrestling and knowing that he could definitely destroy me in a weight lifting competition, that I was able to outmuscle him in the ring pretty easily, even when he made it his goal to outmuscle me.
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