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Default Re: Best boxing books?

Originally Posted by PhillyPhan69 View Post

1 What are the best boxing books you have read?

2. Particularly interested in boxers from the 1950's and earlier...what are the best ones in this regard?
"Nipper: The Amazing Story of Boxing's Wonderboy." Fascinating writing, and even more fascinating story. Tale of boxing wonderboy, Nipper Pat Daly, who turned pro at 9 and took the world by storm (world-ranked by The RING at 16, etc.,). But here's the best part -- it goes much more beyond just Pat Daly's career and life. But the entire book ends up being homage and a tribute to any boxer whose career was cut short through the barbarism and lack of proper fighter care of the 1920's.

A must read, to say the least.

3. Any good books from the fighters of the bare knuckle era?

I've read Bob Mee's "Bare Fists." You'll definitely get the information and insight you need out of this book but.. the writing just SUCKS. He's such a bore and his feeble attempts at humor don't make matters any better. It's seriously painful getting through the entire book.
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