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Default Re: Should there be manditory contenders in MMA?

Originally Posted by macp1 View Post
So kind of like how an ass kisser at work will get a promotion over a more qualified applicant or employee? I hate ass kisser and brown nosers at work. I really dont want to see those guys in my sports.
Who is "more qualified"?

Nobody wanted to see Jon Fitch dry-humping everybody who was put in the cage with him. Nobody got excited to see him fight, or liked the idea of him wearing the belt.

But he kept winning, turned himself into the last man standing, and got his shot.

If he had exciting fights, if he was more willing to put himself out there and generate interest, he would have gotten his shot sooner. But he's a nice guy, a somewhat bland personality, with a boring fighting style. He's always going to be leapfrogged by an exciting fighter who generates interest and buzz, and fair enough.

Besides, "mandatory contenders" are all subjective. There are people here who will tell you that Hendo is the rightful next challenger for Jones. Ignoring the fact that the guy hasn't even fought since 2011. And when he did it was a razor-close decision against a guy who has since been in a back-and-forth war with Brandon Vera of all people, and was also easily steamrolled by Gustafsson. And Henderson has also been injured during that time. How is that deserving of a title shot in March/April 2013?

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