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Default Re: Mundine v Geale - Off the Board Bet

Originally Posted by whipsy View Post
Ahh the comeback of a clueless and unintellegent individual... a gay remark...
So predicatble, I know old ****s start getting demetia but surely u can come up with better than that.....

and P.s.
Why would i dog it?? a bet is a bet..... Enjoy your last 6 days on the board stroker
You work in a ****ing Library and you fawn and dribble over Mundine and follow him around with a video camera like a lovesick schoolboy..FFS! It doesn't get any more pathetic than that.

A ****ing Library assistant...hardly the most manly of jobs...but I'm betting it gives you plenty of opportunities to pursue your ***ual perversions

6 days and you are gone for good...It's like having 2 Christmases 5 weeks apart

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