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Default Re: Should there be manditory contenders in MMA?

Originally Posted by macp1 View Post
This whole no number one contender or mandatory challenger is a lot like The Stanley Cup in the 1800's when teams would travel to play the Champion, if they had the money. A team travelled for 4 months I believe from Dawson City, Yukon, to play the Champions, The Ottawa Silver Seven. They didnt beat anyone to get the series, they just contacted Ottawa team, and voila, a shot at the title. If they had won, they would have held the Cup forever, as who was going to travel to The Yukon by Dog Sled???

But since anyone that generates the money can fight for The UFC strap, it is the same as the primitive incantation of the Hockey Championships and The Stanley Cup. At least until hockey became a respectable sport with legitimate champions, and properly contested championship series'. I wonder if The UFC will evolve one day like Hockey did.
Who organizes the rankings?

The UFC, or someone else?

If it's the UFC, what really changes?

If it's someone else, what right do they have to impose their opinions and rules on a private company?

And what happens when someone gets injured and a fight has to be made at late notice?

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