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Default Re: Should there be manditory contenders in MMA?

Originally Posted by macp1 View Post
So kind of like how an ass kisser at work will get a promotion over a more qualified applicant or employee? I hate ass kisser and brown nosers at work. I really dont want to see those guys in my sports.
Kiss Dana's ass all you want, if you aren't selling tickets you aren't getting jumped ahead in the queue.

And Diaz is (for the second time) scheduled to fight GSP. And he's coming off a loss too. How much of an ass-kisser is Nick Diaz?

But fans wanted to see this fight. They've been screaming for GSP to fight Diaz for a couple of years now. The level of fan interest is a LOT higher for Diaz than it is for Hendricks. That makes Diaz the most qualified WW applicant.

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