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Default Re: Why were many old time boxers so scrawny looking

Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
Yeah, I think male vanity and the ****-erotic notion of the beautiful physique have crept into society across the board, not just boxers.

The old-timers still looked like fighters to me, at fight time certainly.
But these days more men will usually cover themselves up unless they in absolute peak condition.
Athletes get judged on the way their bodies look more.
Of course, that doesn't stop some heavyweights being fat slobs, but the average welterweight boxer has probably been caring about how his physique looks for as long as he's been boxing - or longer.

In the old days it was probably more like, yeah, you can send off for the Charles Atlas or lift barbells if you want muscles, OR you can learn to fight and make a load of money like Jack Dempsey and take whatever muscles you get in the process.
Boys wanted to be big and strong, of course, but there wasn't the same level of pre-occupation with have sharp and ***y abs or defined and developed pecs.

"Modern" training contains a whole lot of unnecessary ****. I was guilty of nigh-on bodybuilding at one point, and my effectiveness(Particularly my stamina) tanked. I got too big for the second most important fight of my career and had to pull a come from behind out of my ass because I was sucking wind in the third. For big biceps and cut abs. Useless. Gimme the core strength, and the rest of that time back on the road running. I've learned my lesson now.
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