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Default Wrestling used in training for old school boxers.

I know many early guys often wrestled in camp...some of that goes back to London Prize Rules, when wrestling and judo like throws where allowed, and clinches seemed not ot have gotten broken up at all. Many did Greco style wrestling..because it focuses on above the waist take downs, which was what was allowed under London Prize Rules (thats just my own thinking, but I often see that most of the early guys trained with Greco wrestlers, and that is how they do it...which was similar to LPR rules)

Anyhow, I know Jeffries and Johnson were said to be very good wrestlers, and that they both used clinches a good bit...I know Johnson wrested in exhibitions, and those seemed to have been "real" wrestling matches. I know Dempsey did a great deal of greco type wrestling clinch work for Carpartner, and it is also said he was pretty good at catch as catch can submission wrestling.

The last heavyweight I have ever heard to seemed to wrestle allot in camp (as a means of training, not pro wrestling stuff) seems to have been Jim Braddock.

Anyow, does anyone know how much wrestling was done..when did it toally die out., was anyone still doing it for training in the 40s? how about the 50s? .why did it totally die guessing they decided the injuries off set the benefits.

Thanks for anyone who knows anything on this. Top
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