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Default Re: Tunney V Sharkey, Willard, Brennan,Miske, Firpo?

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
Miske wasn't up to much when he matched Dempsey; he'd lost to Levinsky and Norfolk in the run up to that fight. His chances of upsetting Tunney on that kind of form is almost nil.
It has not been explicitley stated that we are matching Tunney against the Miske that fought Dempsey for the title.

Tunney only lost to Greb. I don't think he is vulnerable to clever boxer types at all. He thrashed both Carpantier and Gibbons and any trouble Loughran gave him came just before his own formidable prime.
Loughran was much further removed from his prime than Tunney was, and that is why Tunney knew better than to fight him again.

I'll take Firpo's puncher's chance over the chance of his actually being out-boxed by this lot any day of the weak.
That would be a very misguided choice.

A punchers chance against a fighter like Tunney, is a bit like a snow***** chance in hell. Another technical chess player generaly has a chnce with the right plan.

Sharkey might take rounds with a combination of skill and size but I don't see him nicking it.
Surely to god he would have more chance than Firpo?
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