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Default Re: Tunney V Sharkey, Willard, Brennan,Miske, Firpo?

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
I personally don't think that Loughran is better than Gibbons and he obviously wasn't better than Greb, so i don't think this holds much water.
It depends what you mean by better.

He didn't have the power of Gibbons or the versatiliy of Greb, but as an all out technician he surpassed either of them.

I don't think a draw over 8 rounds is indicative of Tunney's "form" versus boxers. I think that his KO wins over Gibbons and Carpantier and decision wins versus Levinsky and Smith (neither of which were that close) are far more telling.
I think that Loughran was the best pure technician he ever faced, and that is why he gave him such problems. Tunney also said that Ermillio Spalla gave him some issues.

My point is that technical briliance was Tunneys main card, and if you could match him on that, or just find an angle that he wasn't used to then the fight was on.

Huge punchers KO superby gifted technicians all the time and it was more common in this era than in later eras. I don't think that Firpo would beat Tunney - at all - but I think it is more likely that he would KO Tunney than that Miske would out-box Tunney.
If you match a guy like Firpo against an elusive technician who can take a punch, it is prety much a hopeless cause. The Firpos of this world have a chance against somebody like Dempsey, but next to none against a Wills or a Tunney. I think that a prime Miske outboxing Tunney is a far more plausible scenario.

He was only in the neighbourhood of being out-boxed once - both Dempsey and Greb came close to stopping him.
Dempsey was not just a puncher, but also an all time great finisher.

Greb was able to land on Tunney consistently.

Firpo brings neither atribute to the party.

His only hope is that he somehow lands a single big punch, and Tunneys chin turns out not to be as good as we thought.

Yeah, i would make Sharkey my first choice and Firpo my second. Hyper-aggressive tough punchers are difficult for top pro's because they don't obey the rules. I doubt very many people would be picking Baer to dismantle Schmeling were it not for the fact that it actually happened, but as soon as you have a puncher that aggressive in the ring, **** can happen.
Firpo was no Baer.
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