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Default Re: What is the biggest fight in boxing history?

Originally Posted by dinovelvet View Post
I said sporting fans. I was it was a huge event is sport , not just boxing. Random people on the street couuld't tell you who Floyd Maywether is . You're reasoning is rubbish.
Mayweather isn't a star in the same sense as Tyson, Leonard, Hagler were either, not in the UK. He's probably less known than Holyfield.

The biggest fights attract non-boxing fans, non-sports fans. When a big fight happens EVERYONE is talking about it, or is next to someone who is talking about it.

Hagler fought in the 80s. Oscar's big fights were in the late 90's. Are you actually suggesting that for over TEN YEARS Brittian showed no interest in the biggest fight since the 80's and one of the biggest fights of all time that broke record high PPV numbers? You are totally wrong and dont have a clue what you're talking about.
I'm sure De La Hoya v Trinidad was big fight of the PPV era, in America.
But not so much in the UK.

If you wanna talk numbers, I'm almost certain Lewis v Holyfield 2 was a much bigger PPV fight in the UK.
I'd be surprised if Tyson v Francis wasn't a bigger PPV fight in this country.
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