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Default Re: What is the biggest fight in boxing history?

Originally Posted by TBooze View Post
Oh come on, Trinidad and De La Hoya was a big fight for the hardcore fan in the UK. The fights in the 80s involving Hagler, Tommy et al were big terrestrial shows. Hagler/Leonard was shown in prime time on a Tuesday evening, on ITV, to an audience that may of been near 10 Million. Trinidad/De La Hoya was shown on SKY to a Million tops (on the Saturday SKY Sports repeat...
I never disputed they were huge fights. That was a different generation. It has nothing to do with my argument. Hoya/Felix was one of the biggest fights of all time and the records books prove that as a fact. Saying only hardcore fans knew who Hoya was is 100% wrong and amazes me to hear that in the classic forum.
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