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Default Re: What is the biggest fight in boxing history?

Originally Posted by dinovelvet View Post
I never disputed they were huge fights. That was a different generation. It has nothing to do with my argument. Hoya/Felix was one of the biggest fights of all time and the records books prove that as a fact. Saying only hardcore fans knew who Hoya was is 100% wrong and amazes me to hear that in the classic forum.
If you are using the term 'all-time' in your argument, then you do have to compare with other eras.

The reality is outside of a few Heavyweights, no American boxer has had British mainstream appeal since the 1980s. De La Hoya and Trinidad may of been two of the biggest names in boxing in the 1990's, but as neither was British, that fact did not what register with the mainstream British audience.

The BBC and ITV are ratings driven, and have no doubt if it was felt De La Hoya and Trinidad could get them the ratings, the fight would of been on terrestrial TV. The reality was the fight cost too much for too little ratings for any terrestrial station to show it. So it went to a specialist station, who made up for lack of viewers by charging a premium to watch the fight. If that premium was not paid, the fight would not of even been on in the British market.

That is not the evidence of a huge fight in the UK...
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