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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Changing Tempo

Right, been meaning to do this for a while but I’ve been stupidly busy. Anyway, I just wanted to touch on the topic of changing the tempo, something that I consider massively important. Changing the tempo of the punches, body movement, foot movement etc are all very effective when it comes to landing your own shots and drawing your opponent on to those shots.

The first example I’ve got is one of the true masters of so many tricks in boxing, BHOP. At around 25 seconds you’ll see an example from the 7th or 8th round of the second Pascal fight. Look at how quick he sends the right hand relative to the first jab. 0:30:

The next example is slightly different; it’s not just the change in the punch tempo that you can see. Watch how Wlad sort of slaps Haye’s glove up and makes it look like he is going to do the same thing then quickly changes the tempo (using one of my favourite combinations also). 6:33:

You can see another example of Wlad changing his punch tempo when he was younger:

The famous Hearns KO of Duran; watch how he sets the KO up with 2 ‘nothing’ body punches and then comes over the top with a faster right hand.

You can see Lennox doing this with Rahman too. Count how many meaningful, fast punches Lennox throws before the actual KO…

Watch how Guillermo Rigondeaux sets up his uppercut from 10:00:

James Toney KO Prince Charles Williams:

Mayweather v Ortiz at 25:10:

Now, it’s not just changing the tempo on the front foot when throwing punches that I like, but also slowing the tempo of your movement to draw the other guy in. On the previous video, take a look at 23:12 & 24:15.

A final thing I want to show is a true master doing this in training. It’s not just of benefit for hitting the other person during a fight, but it’s also great for really refining the motor patterns. Watch Ward shadow box in this video:

I mentioned in the training forum how you will often see amateurs hit the bag as hard as they can for as long as they can, but they will never do any sort of slow technical work like this. Even when I did it, I would often be told to stop. It got to the point where I would go to the gym earlier or stay later just to do it.

Despite the delay, I really didn’t get to spend as much time on this as I would have liked, but I hope people enjoy it and realise how effective it can be.

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