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Originally Posted by BoxingDomain View Post

This is what the haters have been reduced to... (switching sports and going back more than TWO DECADES to try and find a fault with Vitali).

****ing hell man, get that sand out of your ******.

If a video of any other top boxer getting knocked out in a different sport surfaced there would be just as much, if not more interest in.

Vitali has a great chin and has never been down in the boxing ring, with many people for years believing he'd never been knocked out in his life. All the while there were rumours that he had been stopped once before, in a kick boxing match, but no one had seen it. Then Vitali denies that he's ever been knocked out.

With that in mind, you're actually getting your panties in a twist about a bunch of boxing fans on a boxing forum posting in a thread where this mythical video is being shared? I think if anyone here has a bit of a problem it's you. Ok, we understand you like this guy, but that doesn't mean you have to act like a girl every time there is a conversation about Vitali that isn't necessarily positive.

It's pathetic. Sort it out.
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