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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Yeah I think a lot of guys look bad against that type of stylist mind.

As for the fight with Sal' it'd be beautiful, but if Marcel boxed him I cannot see how he wouldn't cause him much more grief than Castillo did. I guess Sanchez would then come back into it and the championship rounds would decide it. Marcel mixed it up too much for me to assume he'd make Sal' lead all night, so while he's not a Pep-esque matchup for Sanchez, as above; Sanchez might take too long to get going against a jabber as good as Marcel.

In terms of short title reigns at feather that are so lauded I don't think there's much in it between Sanchez and Marcel at all.

As for the fight with Pedroza I just think Marcel is ether at the things Pedroza did well. That might be harsh, but it's hard not to be awed when Marcel performed as he did against the technical types he did. They have a common opponent; shame Marcel stopping Nemoto isn't out there.

Lora, I haven't seen much of Hernandez (might just be the loss to Arguello) but I find him much more impressive than Serrano even just off that. You get me?
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