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Default Re: Dempsey v Langford

Originally Posted by Vockerman View Post
Sam Langford, when asked how Harry Wills (whom he fought 18 times in his career) would do against Jack Dempsey, said in the June 5, 1922, Atlanta Constitution "Well if he ever fights Dempsey my money will be on the present champion. Dempsey is the greatest fighter I have ever seen. He hits twice as hard as Jim Jeffries and is as fast in the ring as James J. Corbett."
i love the dempsey quotes but they don't mean a whole lot. and i don't buy "they knew more about boxing than we ever will". maybe but they had their biases and were limited by the era(s) they were able to witness.

dempsey may have hit harder than jeffries but no where near as hard as foreman.

dempsey was fast, but not as fast as ali. not even close.

langford gave the best ****ysis possible with the information available. 80+ years later, his information is woefully out of date. though he may have been right about the wills result, we'll never know
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