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Default Re: Dempsey v Langford

Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
I think it's a good win considering he was coming off a 2-year lay-off.
Not sure it's his greatest though.

By my count (and I might be wrong), Greb only beat Gibbons twice, once newspapers and once official decision. And he LOST twice (newspaper decision) to Gibbons before registering those wins.

The available record of Tommy Gibbons against Harry Greb :

1915 v. Greb - 10 ROUNDS NO DECISION (boxrec: NEWSPAPER WIN)
1920 v. Greb - 10 ROUNDS NO DECISION (boxrec: NEWSPAPER WIN)
1920 v. Greb - 10 ROUNDS NO DECISION (boxrec: NEWSPAPER LOSS)
1922 v. Greb - 15 ROUNDS DECISION LOSS

Dempsey beat Gibbons after this series.
But to his credit he beat Gibbons at first time of asking, and coming off a 2-year lay-off.
I don't have my Greb record in front of me so going from boxrec, your are correct. However, Greb was pretty damn green in 1915 (Gibbons slightly less so) and had in fact just lost to George Chip and lesser lights like Wenzell and Borrell and of course the KO to Joe Chip a couple years earlier. He certainly was nothing like he was 5 years later. Gibbons had already fought and beaten Miske a couple times and Borrell. He was bit more developed.

If Dempsey had fought Gibbons 4 times, especially starting in 1915, I think the odds were he would, also, have at least one loss... but going for the best opponent was not usually his M.O.
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