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Default Re: Dempsey v Langford

Originally Posted by Lord Tywin View Post
Dempsey was Langford's "own man" vs Willard? Interesting, I thought they were both white the last time I looked.

Perhaps it's me?

I type that Langford ,and Jeannette picked Jeffries to whip Johnson, not only whip him but beat the shit out of him. I speculate how the black punters who were influenced by their emphatic opinions in the papers leading up to the fight? Now it's Willard in the frame?

That's my last two posts misconstrued by Lufcrazy, and yourself.

Maybe it's a cue for me to move on?

N. B. I don't keep my eyes closed , I trawl for boxing information all the time in old news reports etc, and I've unearthed reams of offers for X to fight Y. What I haven't unearthed are ----


As you no doubt have 20/20 vision /xray eyes enabling you to spot what us mortals have missed.

Perhaps you would like to share these offers with us ,thereby adding invaluable input to the thread , and informing me at the same time?

Are you always so rude , or only when you are on a key board?

Added post below.
I don't know how concrete these offers were, but they are food for thought.
Steve Klompton posted them elsewhere.
It seems I have to be both prosecutor, and defender as others appear to be more concerned in being sarcastic.
Yes, in May 1920 Greb signed a contract to fight Dempsey in Buffalo. Dempsey was to get $50,000 (the same he got paid for Miske) and Greb was to get $15,000. Dempsey didnt sign. In October of 1920 Frank Mulkern of Milwaukee signed Greb to a contract to face Dempsey after Dempsey had spoken favorably of the match. When Greb signed Dempsey looked the other way. He instead tried to fight Gunboat Smith as a title defense. Trying to force Dempsey into a match Greb fought the Gunner first and KOd him in one round. Then T.S. Andrews travelled to South Bend (where the Greb-Smith bout was held) in order to try to secure a match between Dempsey and Greb but Carpentier had just beaten Levinsky in Rickard's fixed LHW championship which set up his million dollar gate, Dempsey was not about to face anyone as threatening as Greb with that bonanza on the table. Instead Kearns tried to match Dempsey with Bartley Madden so Greb fought Madden, once again trying to force a match with Dempsey, and dominated him. With Madden and Smith eliminated Dempsey signed to fight Bill Brennan, who Greb had dominated four times and Brennan damn near beat Dempsey. But the day before Dempsey defended against Brennan John McGarvey and John J. Bell of the Motor Square Garden club personally offered Kearns $50,000 with 50% of the gate to face Greb but after having so much trouble with Brennan Dempsey again begged off. Instead both Dempsey and Carp (who Greb was also actively pursuing) where shelved off from all competition in fear of losing before their big showdown. While training for Carpentier Kearns put out the word that he wanted anyone capable to come spar with the champion. Greb made it known he was on his way and Kearns promptly announced that they didnt need anyone else. In early 1922 Greb was matched with Tom Gibbons in a title eliminator for Dempsey. Greb dominated Gibbons and both Kearns and Dempsey stated that they would face Greb. Instead they went to Europe and when they came back they refused to face him. In the summer of 1922 John J. Bell made another offer to Dempsey, this time for $100,000 and 50% of the gate. Once again Kearns refused to consider the offer. In the summer of 1923 Kearns was again offered $100,000 with a percentage of the gate to face Greb up around Uniontown, and once again Kearns ignored the offer. And on and on and on. Everytime Kearns and Rickard tried to find a new setup for Dempsey to face Greb would chase after him and either beat him or be ducked by him trying to remove all obstacles to face Dempsey. Continually he was ignored. In 1925 Floyd Fitzsimmons held a poll of midwestern newspaperman asking who they would like him to match Dempsey with. Greb won the poll and Fitzsimmons approached Dempsey and Kearns. They agreed, yet when Greb wired that he was on a train for Chicago to sign papers Dempsey and Kearns stated they wouldnt be fighting Greb or anyone else that year...

All the while Greb was telling anyone and everyone how it was the ambition of his life to fight and beat Dempsey and yet Im supposed to believe some unattributed quote that appeared in Ring Magazine 30 years later written by a writer hostile to Greb saying that Greb thought Dempsey would beat him??? Uh, no, I'll take the mans own words printed that day before I believe what was printed in Ring Magazine years after he died.

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It should perhaps be mentioned that Klompton is the self appointed President of the Harry Greb fan club.

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