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Default Re: Dempsey v Langford

Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
Didn't he know the internet was coming and it's infinite potential to judge, mythologize and degrade?!

Greb knew this **** and destroyed all the films of him fighting!

Now, who is smarter?
You got me ,it has to be HARRY!

Dead on a slab in his early 30's but his name will live forever in Ring mythology.

Poor old Dempsey. Gone at 87, loved and admired by everyone,[well not you, McGrain, and Chris Pontius ]. shagged loads of film-stars, close friends with Fairbanks, Mix, Rogers,Chaplin, Getty etc, lauded by his contemporaries in the game, and many ,many others.

Received the biggest applause any time he entered a ring ,even 60 years after he retired. And the highest accolades of the trainers of his time. Arcel, Stillman etc.
Made and spent a fortune

Married three lovely women.

Where did it all go wrong for poor Jack?

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