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Default Re: worst boxer of all time

Found him!!

Took quite a bit of poring through my Firefox history.

That's simply incredible. Fifty-three times under the lights...and fifty-three times leaving empty-handed.

I was wrong, his stoppage losses don't number in the twenties. Only 13.

Like Lupu, Manue is Romanian. Pretty lax commission.

In fairness, about a third of his opponents achieved some minor renown at European level...and one (Arthur Abraham) was a world champ. The next best to vanquish him were Yakup Saglam (about to challenge Manuel Charr for the WBC Silver title) and Julien Marie Sainte (about to clash with Max Bursak for the vacant Euro title). After that, mostly continental journeymen. You'd think facing so many inexperienced kids he'd eventually upset one.

Fifty freaking three.
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