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Default Re: How would you re-invent Sky Box Office PPV

Originally Posted by USA Rob View Post
Saying a fight is not meaningful is the exact same thing as saying its meaningless!
Honestly, it's like talking to a mentally-impaired puppy. Here's my full quote:

If Froch was a big star and this was a big, meaningful fight - then ok. He's not and this isn't.
Do you see where you've gone wrong? You've take one word, removed the context and tried to make it your whole point. Except that's not what I said.

Are you really saying this is a meaningful fight in the division? Does it create a valid challenger to Andre Ward, the legitimate champion who comprehensively beat both men? Will these guys still be fighting in 18 months and this springboards them to the next level of their careers?

No, it does not. it's a good fight, but it's not really going to change the landscape at 168. It just isn't. Hence it's not a "big, meaningful" fight.

Even if I felt it WAS meaningless, that has no bearing on whether it's good. Rios-Alvarado was meaningless but it was amazing. Gatti-Ward was meaningless, but it was amazing.

So, as usual, you're talking nonsense and making your idiocy apparent for everyone to see. Good job.
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