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Default Re: Why were many old time boxers so scrawny looking

Originally Posted by Boilermaker View Post
Not being smart here, but is something which usually needs to be considered (and often isnt) when fighters go up in weight and it is pointed out that the blown up guy cant take the punches of the bigger guy, but do you think that the 7 years might have had a lot to do with the wind sucking?
Age hasn't effected my stamina in the ring so much as in the gym. I'm always game for a fight, and, thankfully, I've had the luxury for most of my career to have a LONG camp(Never shorter than 4 weeks) prior to fights; This allows me to show up psyched, sharp, and in shape.

What did change, though, is less of the really hard, really grinding stuff, and more strength based exercises. I shifted my routine to be more comfortable and, it felt like, more achievable, and in the end it bit me: I got bigger, I got slower, and I wasn't maintaining proper condition.

Old fighters don't gas cause they are old. They get hit and slow down and don't take punches so hot in that case. Old fighters gas because the right work stops getting done in the gym; 5 am and 10 miles isn't as easy at 35 as it is at 25. I stopped getting in fighting shape and settled for being cut and strong, and it dang near cost me when I couldn't get rid of a guy earlier.
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