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Default Re: Who is greater? Willie Pep or Benny Leonard?

Originally Posted by orriray59 View Post
I've heard by some that B. Leonard didn't look impressive on film, yet I thought he looked wonderful. Am I not seeing something? Controlled the ring very well, feinted excellently, brilliant punch placement, etc.
The only film I've seen of leonard was his first bout with Tendler, a very talented featherweight and lightweight. It has been argued the only thing keeping the southpaw (It was very rare for boxers to fight southpaw in those days, more so than today.) from winning the lightweight championship was Leonard him self. Tasked with beating a talented and awkward oppoent. Leonard is clearly the better man. Even if he gets clocked in the 8th round. The other is his last fight against McLarnin in his last fight. By than taking seven years off and fighting 20 bums in a row had taken its toll.
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