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Default Re: duran v leonard greatness comparison.

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
Was Duran a greater lightweight than Leonard was a welterweight?

Was Duran's victory over Leonard greater than Leonard's over Hagler?

Does Duran compare to Leonard resume wise across a whole career?

Does Duran compare to Leonard skillwise in a peak for peak comparison?

Does Duran's weight hopping compare to Leonard's

For casual fans it seems Leonard it the default choice for greater boxer. For hardcore fans it seems Duran is default choice for greater boxer.

I've seen lots of debate on the trilogy between these two but not as much debate on who should be greater and, more importantly, why.
Yes. Duran's win over 24 yr old Leonard was much better than Leonard's points win over sloppy leftover Hagler

Yees, Duran is a better lightweight than Leonard was a welter. More defenses, including rematches which was absent in Leonard fights

If anything, Leonard's career cannot compare with Duran's. Before moving up his record exceeded 60 wins against one loss. Leonard's entire career record was an average, non descript 36-3-1 and 35-4-1 by my account. Why is this question even being asked?

Peak for peak, Duran was more effective than Leonard. You can ask the contenders he laid out

Ray Leonard was just a runner

Duran's weight hopping iaccomplishments is also superior. Duran beating Leonard would be like Leonard beating Norris or Micheal Nunn

Leonard, all he has is a win over a dried up Hagler, ****ogous to Holmes beating same skill level Ali at the end of his career

and lalonde, that's just a joke. I would be embarassed to bring up his name were I a Leonard fan. His fans are that hard up
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