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Default Re: duran v leonard greatness comparison.

Yes. Duran's win over 24 yr old Leonard was much better than Leonard's points win over sloppy leftover Hagler
Even though beating Hagler, who was still a very good fighter in 87, is a great win and a fabulous achievement, I agree with you here.

Yees, Duran is a better lightweight than Leonard was a welter. More defenses, including rematches which was absent in Leonard fights
Duran, a better Lightweight? I don't think that's true. I've seen a few of Duran's title defenses at 135lbs and he didn't always look stellar. I also think Leonard's high points excel Duran's at their respective best weights. Saying Duran was a greater Lightweight is a different statement altogether though.

Peak for peak, Duran was more effective than Leonard. You can ask the contenders he laid out
Again, I'm not sure I agree. I'm willing to hear your reasoning though. Duran beating more contenders at his peak at 135lbs than Leonard did at 147lbs doesn't necessarily mean he was more effective, just that he was more active. Leonard, at his brilliant best, gets beat by very few Welterweights in the history of the sport. The same can be applied to Duran at Lightweight too, obviously.

Ray Leonard was just a runner
Andy Price, Pete Ranzany, Wilfred Benitez, Thomas Hearns, Dave Green, and a whole host of other contenders Ray silenced all disagree with you.

Duran's weight hopping iaccomplishments is also superior. Duran beating Leonard would be like Leonard beating Norris or Micheal Nunn
Duran's "weight hopping" was incredible. Agreed.

Leonard, all he has is a win over a dried up Hagler, ****ogous to Holmes beating same skill level Ali at the end of his career
Leonard has much more than that, Rooster. He outboxed and dominated Benitez at 147lbs, stopped Thomas Hearns, and made Duran quit in New Orleans. Ray also looked ridiculously good in whooping solid fighters like Ranzany and Price. Blitzed them.
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