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Default Re: Sugar Ray Leonard; worthy of being a top 20 ATG

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
Those are the fights he missed out on. Had he won them, he'd might have near equalled the greatest Sugar. That would be an unparalleled resume.
He definitely had the challenges in front of him. he'd rather fight someone like Lalonde. His sheer size impresses the hell out of his fans

The real fighters even asked Sugar for a fight. Each time he declined. It was always one reason or another. at first it was his eye. after so many comebacks, that excuse no longer made sense until finally he stopped making excuses why this fighter and why not that fighter. the media would never want to press him or make him uncomfortable

For me, Sugar will never get near the top 20. he lacks the record & accomplishments of a Carlos Monzon. He doesnt have the undefeated record of a Marciano nor the defenses of a Panama Al Brown. He doesnt have the great wins of a Gene Tunney. His record at 147 is eclipsed, practically non existent, next to that of Napoles, another Monzon victim

Even most of the top light heavies, I have ranked well ahead of him-Archie Moore, Charles, Roy Jones, Galindez, and even Saad Muhammud

and he sure wasn't no Ali

His wins arent even that impressive and he failed miserably against a young but inexperienced Terry Norris who, he was heavily favored to beat. In the end, he was just another good champion on an impressive but short win streak

I would rank him over fighters like Cervantes, Benitez, Ayub Kalule, people like that
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