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Default Running/Skipping injury advise needed please.....

Hey everyone

Recently I have been running and skipping like crazy been really good fun, dropped a tonne of weight and really helped to get me cut up and very fit!

However I have had a nigling injury for the past two months which is a knee problem basically my knee has felt very weak to the point where I am running and I feel it would be very easy to give out to the side - if you understand what I mean.

I have carried on training as it didnt get any worse I put a simple elastic brace on and it gave me a bit more confidence.....

Anyway it started to bug me and coupled with the fact it snowed recently I decided to give training a break.

I went to see a sport massage therapist and he found a huge knot in my left calf and also another on the inside of my left leg right above the knee was another knot - this seems to be causing the issue with my knee. When he massaged it, that seemed to give my knee relief.

When I walk up the stairs I feel pain right where this knot is anyone experience the same problem and can you recommend a good stretch for that area?
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