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Default Re: Why were many old time boxers so scrawny looking

let me state something

weight training is great for boxing or any other combat sport,
because being powerful is a bonus in any type of combat

training like a bodybuilder with weights 5 times a week
may make you stiff and slow etc

so what
lets look at the ****ing holy grail RUNNING,

running will improve your endurance
and endurance is good for boxing or any other combat sport

but if you train run all the time like a long distance runner
you will be lanky,probably weak with no muscles

and most likely have a lot of knee and ankle problems

both are good for you in proportion

but to all the haters or weight training

even your hated enemy the bodybuilder
will rag doll and ruin a
kenyan long distance runner in boxing or any other combat sport

and no his bad stamia wont come into play because it will last 2 seconds
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