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Default Re: Should there be manditory contenders in MMA?

Originally Posted by Ne5ville14 View Post
Do you remember that Chael and Hendo are in the same camp ?

Are you brain not working well enough to understand that Chael got a fight on twitter with Jones on purpose to get the fight ?

Can't you understand it's a win/win situation for him and there is absolutely props to give to that re**** to have accepted a fight he didn't have anything to lose in ?
Yes, no and no.... You went wrong in trying to figure Chael Sonnen out.

Originally Posted by Ne5ville14 View Post
I'm not catty with you, for the past 2 weeks you've been ranting on bat **** crazy stuff Rush Limbaugh level madness. You kept bringing Silva P4P status in a GSP ATG tried to make a case for Silva resume being better then Fedor and GSP....I'm not the one saying crazy ****, you are !

Ask me if I ****in care about the buzz between fighter X and Y if X hasn't done **** in the division of Y for several years. Ask me if I care about anything MMA drama related. Just ask me once if I care about any of that **** and maybe you will finally understand that I see MMA as a sport and not entertainment.

I have better thing to do then watching DW milking all of the stupid re**** creaming in there pants for that fight.

How can anyone be interested in watching that joke of a fight except for watching Sonnen get KTFO or subb once again is beyond me....
I brought up Anderson Silva once, and it was followed by a couple of pages of Fedor gifs and video. I didn't bring Anderson Silva into the discussion, it's a p4p discussion, and his name was in the OP.

I still don't think you understand the fight game, and it's nothing I can fix. There is no #1 Contender at LHW, and if you think there is I'd like to see you draw up a list because Mixed Martial Arts doesn't operate that way.... The fans decide who is the best, who has earned and who deserves what.
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