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Default Re: Why were many old time boxers so scrawny looking

Originally Posted by highguard View Post
what does the living vs hobby thing have to do with
lifting weights or not,

and if they said unnecessary muscle growth impedes speed etc
were they too dumb too see to much running
might make you weaker but will so ruin your career
by destroying your knees and ankles
Because they LIVED boxing, and like I said would only do what was necessary for a boxer. Why would a golfer need to improve his 100 meter sprint when it doesn't equate to anything useful in his field. Majority of boxers back then also had a 9-5 there was no time for something like lifting weights when it wouldn't help them in any way.

I don't understand how running would make one weaker, particularly when conditioning is of the up most importance in boxing especially back then when 15 rounders were a common thing.

Also I've never heard of any boxer having ruined his career due to running, saying the old timers were dumb for running because they could ruin their career due to knee and ankle injuries is like saying the old timers were stupid for hitting a heavy bag because it damages your hands, wrist and elbow joints.

PS. You seemed to have a go at another poster on here because you claimed he had never been to a boxing gym yet if you actually had been you'd know any boxing coach would tell you that running is very important while lifting weights is not.
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