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Default Re: Rampage Jackson says UFC media exaggerate their PPV buys

Originally Posted by CASH_718 View Post
I make you wanna puke? Says the guy that is "happily married" but went out of his way to talk to a 21 year old girl he met on the internet. I'm sure Mrs. Slugger(if there is on) would puke if she heard that.

And don't try to project your homo thoughts on me. Not my fault that a cartoon drawing from a book makes you think about ****'s in your mouth.
Im not married.. I've been engaged for a while now. Im actually a little afraid to get married, I heard the *** stops and that Married couples fight! We get along great and were very much in love! Why change a good thing..

As far as your Avy.. It looks like 2 gay wizards sword fighting! I guess your into Sword fighting.. If that's your thing.. I don't hold it against you sport!
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