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Default Re: Who is greater? Willie Pep or Benny Leonard?

Originally Posted by Manassa View Post
In my opinion Leonard was about as good as any boxer can be. Slightly different rules and gloves and crusty, silent footage, disguises his sophisticated technique. The counter punching is elite.

There is a reason he was untouchable even in such a deep era.
M, fans must remember that out of about 212 bouts in which Leonard kod about 69 opponents some of them ALL-Time great lightweights, we only
see Leonard in but 2 films. One against possibly the best lightweight southpaw Lew Tendler, who would have been a champion in any other era,
and when the old fat, Leonard returned to the ring after SEVEN years
of retirement, against a truly great prime Jimmy McLarnin..Leonard desperate for money lost all his money in the Wall street crash of 1929, and was a pitiful shell of his former greatness. So we cannot judge Leonard by ONE film against the toughest southpaw of those bygone days Lew
Tendler...Like judging 100 years from now a Robinson against a Randy Turpin in London, or an Ali, against a Henry Cooper or Ken Noton...
No, we must judge Leonard based on the fact he was the most flawless Lightweight in history, as his RECORD shows...
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