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Default Re: Should there be manditory contenders in MMA?

Originally Posted by BobDigi5060 View Post
Yes, no and no.... You went wrong in trying to figure Chael Sonnen out.

Because you know better perhaps ??
Because Sonnen is not an opportunistic **** ??

I brought up Anderson Silva once, and it was followed by a couple of pages of Fedor gifs and video. I didn't bring Anderson Silva into the discussion, it's a p4p discussion, and his name was in the OP.
You are thicker then a bechamel sauce...

GSP: Is he the second greatest MMA fight ever?

Please enlighten me, were does it mention P4P ?
Because like the OP said in the first post of that thread, since Fedor is #1 and now retired, it has to be a P4P discussion right ?

I still don't think you understand the fight game, and it's nothing I can fix. There is no #1 Contender at LHW, and if you think there is I'd like to see you draw up a list because Mixed Martial Arts doesn't operate that way.... The fans decide who is the best, who has earned and who deserves what.
So because Hendo hurt himself, ****ed it up big time by not telling the UFC about it, a guy that has been fighting at 185 for years should get a title shot at 205 free because the champion already beat most of the actual contender.

And just BTW, since Gustafson just beat Shogun, I don't see why they could'nt offer the fight to him....ohh yeah, that right, Sonnen is getting the title shot because he can tweet and talk...
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