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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather vs Top 10 Contenders/Champions

Originally Posted by bjl12 View Post
It's also very important to consider the manner in which he wins. That is, Floyd typically wins 10 of 12 rounds.

I can't think of a fighter who so easily disposed of nearly every opponent he's ever faced. Not all, obviously, but about 35 of his 43 fights (and probably more like 37-3 were unbelievably one sided. Utter dominance. Can't do nothing but pull up a chair and enjoy the ride.

I for one will def. miss Floyd when he hangs 'em up. I'm just glad we have at least one more fight to look forward to

Dominance weighs heavily for me. Depending on the level and extent of it, it surpasses plenty of others who may of had better resumes. Nothing is truly objective with it, and it's dependent on your criteria too, I guess. There will undoubtedly be some inconsistentcy there though which is why I stopped compiling pointless 'lists' for the most part.
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