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Default Re: Rampage Jackson says UFC media exaggerate their PPV buys

Originally Posted by slugger3000 View Post
I don't live in the suburbs and I have a tap out t-shirt! You're such a ****en idiot... I watch the UFC because Martial arts is bad ass... Im also a boxing fan numb nuts!

Think before you type man... Sure you get away with it on the internet. The next time your in the real world and you open your man pleaser (Your mouth) and you say the wrong thing to someone your gonna get smacked in the ****en mouth. Your man pleaser will be sore for weeks. Just sayin...
Yeah I'm so scared of upsetting someone. HAHA! No one is gonna smack me! LOL!

My "man pleaser?" You even got a cute nickname for it huh?

Yeah Tap Out shirts are for fairies and MMA fighters are glass jaw bums who throw punches like you take a **** in the ass,slow and sloppy.
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