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Default Re: Martinez vs golovkin

I've been watching every GGG fight I can find, to try and understand how he racked up 345 amateur wins. People are seriously underestimating his defensive skill and foot work! I'm not savvy enough to understand how he does it, but somehow he can take the rhythm out of any fighter and impose his will. He has the balance to counter punch a counter punch. He does get hit, but not often, and never in bunches. His opponents always look terrible, its like he knows their next move and thwarts it with his karate arm moves, foot position, and distance.

His offense is also his defense, people act like they are getting attacked by a shark when he is only throwing a jab. He then has some Jeti power that senses where thier head is going and sends two fists that arrive right on time.

It doesn't matter if you're Cuban, American, Columbian, European, tall or strong- he makes you look like a monkey on ice. All of his opponents end up looking scared and frustrated.

This guy sees things in slow motion and has the composure to not make mistakes. I would not put my money on Martinez because speed isn't this guys kryptonite. It will take someone with amazing ring IQ (like Ward) to beat him.

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