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Default Re: Why were many old time boxers so scrawny looking

Originally Posted by Bill1234 View Post
Yeah, Foreman is the only fighter that I've never, not even once, seen outmuscled by anyone.

Would you say that he was physically stronger than Lewis and Wlad, who are also known to be very, very strong?

Well, history shows that the fighters who ran and didn't lift weights did much better than the fighters who lifted weights and didn't put in their road work.

Lifting a ton of weights and becoming big and strong doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be punching harder or knocking people out quicker, it just means you're putting on weight and muscle that most likely isn't needed.

As with everything, different forms of training need to be done in moderation.

to some degree i agree with you, but there is an interesting thing
"road work" in some circles is going out style
like a lot of mma guys perfer circut training or spirts
because tridional road work, may not have enough of an explosive element in it

i am not saying i agree or disagree with this but more and more
people do non long distance running for their cardio

you have a good point about the weight and muscle
but on other hand, weight training is awesome tool
to prevent injuries
while running causes them
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