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Default Re: Sailor Tom v Irish Jerry?

Originally Posted by Surf-Bat View Post
OK, I'm back in the land o' the healthy, so now I can see straight enough to respond.

I thought you were quoting weights for Choynski and the rest for when they fought Sharkey, not weights for McCoy himself. My mistake.

Steve O'Donnell
Peter Maher (though he would be considered a LH today)
Joe Goddard (hurt, floored and on the verge of a KO when he got himself DQ'd for grabbing McCoy about the waist)

This was all evidence enough that this man possessed the power to stop much larger men.

Just about, yeah. Tommy Ryan was in Sharkey's corner for this fight and got the ****amamie idea that the sailor should try and get tricky with McCoy by boxing him. As a result McCoy bashed him at will for the initial rounds without Sharks landing anything of consequence. It's all in the fight report. Sharkey tossed the boxing to the wind after and from there on took everything McCoy had.

Nobody questioned Tom's ability to take it after this bout. Only here on ESB, over 100 years later, do people question it, mostly due to their lack of historical perspective on Sharkey, McCoy and their careers.

Without a doubt.

You're pushing it here. Tom was considered one of the premiere powerpunchers of his generation. I've never heard Quarry get awarded with such plaudits. Sharkey awed sportswriters with his workouts, his heavy bag punching was reportedly jaw dropping stuff. No, Sharkey has the advantage in this dept.

Maybe. He never had to take as much punishment as Sharkey as Quarry was harder to hit and didn't fight as many rounds. What does Quarry have to compare alongside Sharkey having to take it from Jeffries for 45 rounds?

Sure they did. Heck, I myself always wondered if Jones could take it. Sharkey's chin, on the other hand, was never a question for anyone. It was a certainty. He was considered one of the most rugged, durable fighters in the game.

I think we can agree that it's best to go to a firsthand source from the following day rather than a 30 years after the fact recollection. AS you can see, Fitz bashed Sharkey with huge punches for round after round. Yet Tom kept coming after him before finally succumbing. It wasn't just like some crushing single shot from nowhere ala Weaver-Tate:

And why even bother bringing up the second fight, when Tom was considered shot?? It proves nothing. And anyway, once again it was a short but furious punch-up, Fitz needing a series of hard shots to put Sharkey away:

Fitzsimmons regrouped between rounds, but was still going up against a charging foe in Sharkey who wouldn't let up. But unfortunately for the Sailor (Sharkey), Fitzsimmons met his rush this time with his own barrage of punches which had Sharkey in a heap of trouble. Sharkey responded to this sudden adversity with a series of wild swings, one of them countered with a left hook which deposited Sharkey on the canvas for the first time in the fight. Sharkey arose but Fitzsimmons pressed his advantage once again and succeeded in landing the finisher with a right sent perfectly to the temple, putting the Sailor out for good. --Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Again, ESB is the only place where I've ever found anyone expressing doubts as to Sharkey's durability. Nobody back then did. I ask you again, why do you suppose that is?

Glad you are fit and well.

Maher was 177lbs months earlier for the Ruhlin fight
Goddard was 177lbs 4 months earlier for a fight, and 43 years old when on the verge of a ko the second time they met , a cursory glance at his form then would mean no kudos being awarded to Sharkey for this win. As you say," it proves nothing".

O Donnell never fought Sharkey.

So in my book, Sharkey ko'd no heavyweights.
I seem to have given the impression Sharkey was weak- chinned, I did not intend to he was durable enough , but not quite the irresistable force he is portrayed ,as ko losses prove.
The" right to the temple ",was a one punch finish was it not?

What does Quarry have to compare?

Well he has ko's over huge heavyweights and very hard punching ones at that heavyweights who out weighed anyone Sharkey beat by over 30lbs.
I consider Jeffries power to be overated.
Thanks for the fights reports.

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